534 School detentions in three days!

School detentions recently hit the news headlines in Britain when one headmistress handed out an amazing 534 detentions in three days! Following complaints by some parents of the City of Ely Community College in Cambridgeshire the story made the news in Britain. The detentions follow the headmistress’s introduction of a ‘zero tolerance policy’ to improve the standards in her school.

Catherine Jenkinson-Dix won the support of many parents after deciding to punish the misdemeanours including chewing gum, eating between lessons, smoking, carrying mobile phones, applying excessive make-up and insubordination.

A strict uniform policy was also announced under which individualistic touches such as odd socks or wearing hoodies in class would be banned. Anyone breaking the rules would be sent immediately to the school hall for five hours where they would have to read a booklet about good behaviour.

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