Mind your manners guys on your first date

Going on a date tonight? Be it your first or fifth date most people would want to make a good impression. Wouldn’t you?

A recent survey published in Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper said clicking your fingers at a waiter on a first date is faux pas. It was voted the rudest, attention-grabbing gesture - beating even drowning a dish in salt before even tasting it or getting drunk at the table. Other inappropriate acts which will insure the first date is the only date were licking the plate clean, burping & picking teeth with fingers.

The poll of 3,000 people was conducted by internet market research company www.onepoll.com. “There are basic rules of etiquette which should be adhered to when eating out – and they’re not hard to remember,” a spokesman said adding, “The majority of respondents only expect basic good manners from their dining companions – so burping, coughing, breaking wind and obscenities are definitely off the menu.” These are the manners of a pig.

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