The London riots

LondonTuesday 9th August - lunchtime - The capital was overnight once again under attack from a mob of rioters. Parliament has been recalled by the Prime Minister David Cameron, who himself cut short his holiday to fly home to deal with the situation. British newspapers today reported the police last night lost control of London’s streets, as lawlessness spread to all parts of the capital.

Huge swathes of London and three major other British cities woke up to the charred debris after the third night of rioting. The Metropolitan Police have promised 16,000 officers, an unprecedented amount of police, with all able-bodied officers on the streets of London tonight as they try to quell the unrest. So far more that 450 people have been arrested and 69 people have been charged. Tomorrow night’s England football game at Wembley against Holland has this morning been called off.

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