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Tesco Bank launches current account

Recently Tesco launched its own current account. The supermarket’s aim is to challenge the top four major High Street banks in the UK with Tesco Bank, despite it having only a minimal in-house branch presence.

Tesco claims it will bring competition back to the market that currently offers “ridiculously poor value” to consumers. It said its new current account was without the “smoke and mirrors” offerings, such as charges and introductory deals, used by others.

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Horse meat found in beefburgers

Recently horse meat was discovered to be in beefburgers sold in British supermarkets Tesco and Iceland. The beef products containing horse and pig DNA came from three companies in Ireland. Following the discovery more than ten million burgers were subsequently withdrawn from UK supermarket shelves.

The discovery of horse meat in beefburgers in the UK has horrified many Brits! Tesco immediately took out a full page advertisement to apologise to its customers. This is because in Britain it is considered taboo to eat horse meat. Eating beef and pig, is considered normal in Britain.

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