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Irritating things people do on planes!

Today let’s talk about the irritating things people do on planes. There are many to think about. In this lesson we will discuss a few of them...

Crying babies in the seat behind yours is a good starting point. Almost as bad are hyperactive kids who are noisy for the entire flight. Someone kicking the back of your seat can be annoying.

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Fat and disruptive passengers on aeroplanes

Today, let’s talk about fat and disruptive people on aeroplanes. It’s a good topic to talk about, as most of us have to suffer sitting next to one of these or similar when travelling on an aeroplane.

I will just add I do not wish to be discriminatory to anyone in particular whilst writing this article. However, in the last few weeks various news stories continue to be written that cover these two categories, so it makes a good talking point today!

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