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Nazi gold ghost train possibly found in Poland

Today, let’s talk about Nazi gold. It’s a hot topic to discuss, especially since the alleged discovery in the Polish mountains of a long lost Nazi ghost train. Legend says it is full of gold and other such treasures. If the speculation is correct it would be a truly fascinating discovery. Certainly, it would make a good Indiana Jones style movie, for sure!

Seventy years since the end of the Third Reich two treasure hunters have now reported their discovery. The train is said to be hidden in a long-forgotten sealed off tunnel under the mountains near the town of Walbrzych in southern west Poland near the Czech border.

Gold prices – What next?

Recently gold prices took a tumble. In fact, we saw some of the biggest falls for 30 years. Having said that gold prices in recent years have hit dizzying heights so a correction was overdue.

Perhaps now is a good time to buy gold? Will gold prices crash again shortly or will they quickly rebound and go ever higher? Dealers in the commodity markets are no doubt making a killing on the current gold price volatility.

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