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World Ice Hockey Championships 2011

The 75th International Ice Hockey Championships in 2011 will be held in Slovakia. The tournament takes place between 29th April and 15th May 2011. It will feature the world’s top ice hockey nations taking part.

Slovakia’s capital Bratislava and the country’s second city of Košice will host the tournament. The newly refurbished Ondrej Nepela Arena in Bratislava and the Košice Steel Arena (U.S. Steel is a major sponsor) in Košice will cohost the event. Both cities are major bastions of ice hockey.

Organisers are hoping to attract more than 350,000 ice hockey fans to the matches. Fans will be able to see live action of this exciting game that is said to be the fastest collective game in the world. There are 16 teams participating in the ice hockey tournament. A total of 56 games will be played.

It all starts with a preliminary round of four groups each containing four teams. This leads to a qualifying round before the quarter and semi finals, followed by the final that will be played in Bratislava.

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