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How to publish a book?

Today, let’s talk about how to publish your own book. Assuming your manuscript is completed the next stage is to try to publish it! There are at least four ways to publish your book. These are; using a traditional publisher, a print-on-demand publisher, self-publishing and e-publishing.

The traditional way is to use a publisher. Finding one who will actually print your book can be a challenge! Most scripts will be rejected, as some large publishers can receive around 2,500 manuscripts a week; so one needs to be lucky! Using this method a publisher will pay you for your valuable manuscript. They might print 5,000 copies of the book.

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The Top 20 UK Advertising Slogans

Turn on the TV, look at the internet, listen to the radio or read a newspaper. Whichever you choose one thing is pretty certain; you’ll find them littered with advertisements. The ads help pay for them. Now sit back and think! Which of the advertisements can you remember and why?

There are thousands of advertisements that are designed to catch our eye, all trying to encourage us to buy their product. Add up all of the advertisements you have seen and it’ll add up to quite a few. Out of these which would you consider to be your top 20 advertisements of all time? Think about it!

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