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Ladies, Mr Perfect does not exist!

Ladies, if you are looking for Mr Perfect forget it. He doesn’t exist! That’s according to a recent survey of 2,000 women who ranked their partner as only 69% perfect! Whilst many men have positive attributes it seems the majority are deeply flawed. Included in the list of 20 common shortfalls are failing to make an effort with their partner’s friends, criticising their driving and the inability to multi-task.

Other male failings include watching too much sport, leaving the toilet door open and poor personal grooming. Nikki McReynolds, marketing director for Remington, which commissioned the survey, said, “It seems women are quite realistic on what they look for from their partner. While they might happily overlook a few common flaws, there are certain behaviours that men just won’t get away with.”

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Women more attracted to men in expensive cars

It is a well-known fact that women prefer men with expensive cars. Now research has proved this point – Britain’s Daily Telegraph recently reported. A university team at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff showed women pictures of the same man sitting in two cars – a £70,000 silver Bentley Continental and a battered old Ford Fiesta.

The women who were aged between 21-40, picked the man sitting in the Bentley ahead of the same man in the Ford. Dr Michael Dunn from the university said, “It shows women rate a man higher if he is behind the wheels of a fancy motor rather than an old banger.”

The findings published recently in the British Journal of Psychology show that men are more interested in a woman’s looks not her motor. The researchers say the men tested in the same way are not impressed by whatever car a woman drives because they judge purely on her face and figure.