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Burma – Nature’s Lost Kingdom

Today, let’s talk about Burma/Myanmar. We will focus on its almost impenetrable jungles; many of which have remained undisturbed for decades.

It is in these jungles where many of the rarest species on earth still survive. For how much longer begs the question because the country is rapidly opening up after 50 years of being closed to outsiders.

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20 Spitfires buried in Burma during WWII to be unearthed

Recently a fascinating story caught my eye. It’s about 20 Spitfires buried in Burma at the end of World War II that have suddenly been discovered! It’s like something out of a boy’s adventure book or an Indiana Jones story. A British farmer’s quest to find a squadron of legendary fighter planes lost in Burma during the war has finally paid off.

Lincolnshire farmer David Cundall, 62, has spent about US$207,000, travelled to Burma a dozen times and negotiated with the cagey Burmese government. All in the hope of finding a stash of iconic British Spitfires that are buried somewhere in the South Eastern Asian country.

Burying planes might sound a bit odd but was commonplace at the end of WWII as the conflict wound down and new jet aircraft replaced propeller-driven fighters. Many aircraft were scrapped, buried or sunk by Allies Forces in order to prevent them from falling into enemy hands.

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What is happening in Burma?

What is happening in Burma? That’s the question. Burma or Myanmar, as it’s also known, appears to undergoing change. In recent weeks news stories coming out of the country report there has been considerable change by the newly elected government since it took office.

The most significant change was the release of Aung Sang Su Kyi from house arrest. This in itself speaks volumes. Her release to the world watching was as significant as when Nelson Mandela was released in South Africa.

After decades of repression, political prisoners, people being killed by the regime etc, there appears to be change by its leaders, most of whom have crossed from old military leaders to supposedly elected leaders. Many people are still scared to talk about all this, especially those in the country. You can’t blame them and for that reason it is a hot topic to discuss now.

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