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Geography – The United Kingdom

Today, we will have a brief geography lesson about the United Kingdom (UK). The UK is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The capital is London, which is in the South East of England.

Great Britain is made up of England, Scotland and Wales. Great Britain and Northern Ireland make up the United Kingdom. The British Isles are made up of the above but also include Ireland (not a part of GB or the UK), the Channel Islands (Jersey, Guernsey, etc.) and the Isle of Man.

The top places to visit in the UK

Today, let’s talk about the top places to visit in the UK. London probably tops the list. The capital city offers visitors Buckingham Palace, Oxford Street and the London Eye. London is huge! It offers tourists fabulous pubs, theatres and sports venues.

Outside of London, where to go and what to see? Probably the second most visited city is Edinburgh in Scotland. It is popular around New Year’s Eve and during the summer when it hosts the Edinburgh Festival.

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Traditional food in the United Kingdom

Today we will look at some traditional dishes from Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and England. Scotland has some interesting dishes. The most famous is haggis, the ingredients of which include sheep’s lungs, heart and liver that are minced with spices, oatmeal and onion, and are traditionally boiled in a sheep’s stomach.

There is Scottish steak pie made with Scottish beef. Scotch pie or mince pie is a double crusted pie made with Scottish minced mutton. Scotch eggs are popular. These are eggs covered with pork sausage meat and breadcrumbs. Scotch broth is a soup made with barley, mutton and chopped fresh vegetables.

Scots love to eat venison, also grouse when in season. For breakfast they eat porridge made with real Scotch oats. They also eat a hearty Scottish breakfast, which is either bacon, egg, tomato, potatoes and blood sausage or Scottish kippers.

In Northern Ireland there is Irish stew. The Ulster variety is made with steak pieces instead of lamb. A favourite pub grub choice for many in Northern Ireland is steak and Guinness pie. Locally made sausages are also a favourite.

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