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The new Pope

Today let’s talk about the new Pope who was elected recently at the Vatican. Pope Francis I is the new head of the Catholic Church following the resignation of the former Pope, Benedict XVI.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 76, who was a cardinal from Argentina, was the surprise choice of the cardinals who elected him head of 1.2bn Catholics. Many people had expected a much younger Pope to be elected.

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The Pope resigns!

Recently the world was shocked with the news that Pope Benedict XVI had resigned. The news that the Head of the Catholic Church was to step down at the end of February shocked world political leaders, as well as religious figures.

The Pope said he is too old to continue, citing ill health. He is 85, has arthritis and has been wearing a pacemaker for many years. It is the first time in nearly 600 years that a Pope has resigned. Most normally die of old age while in office.

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